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Africa Expectation offers an invitation to a wildlife experience.

Tours and Safaris Throughout South-Africa : Each individual traveling to Africa has unique requirements, wishes and dreams. For many it is a journey of a lifetime, others might be searching for a glimpse of a rare endemic bird. We take great care in discovering what you want from your safari before making our recommendations.

Hence, the sample itineraries we feature on our website are purely an illustration of the range of possibilities we offer, highlighting the prime wilderness areas and a few of the particularly special camps and lodges we offer our guests. In addition to the destinations featured on this website.

We offer various standard tour / safari packages, as well as tailor-made tours / safaris and F.I.T (Fit Individual Traveller) as well as "Fly-in Fly-out" tours / safaris.  As we believe that this is too vast an area to try and visit on one vacation, these tours / safaris have been designed to cover the highlights of various regions of South Africa and other southern African countries.

We cater for independent travellers and privately guided trips. A private guide becomes more cost-effective as the group size increases, as the additional cost is shared amongst more guests. We find the optimum group size is between 4 and 6 guests, although it is not uncommon for couples to book a private guide.

Our aim is to share our passion for Africa and to act as your hosts in this special continent. We endavour to keep our rates extremely competitive, whilst offering a highly professional, personal and enthusiastic service.

What we can offer:-

  • We can arrange a tour on an ALL INCLUSIVE basis to meet all budgets.
  • Day tours or suggested combination tours arranged bring together an ideal blend of an African safari experience.
  • Our guides impart good knowledge and passion for the bush wildlife and history of Africa.


We value our client's business, respect their travel needs and guarantee them an "Unforgettable Southern African Safari Experience".

Touring Mpumalanga
Visiting Gods Window
Visiting the Elephant Museum
Touring Limpopo
Elephant Encounter